Promptness and politeness for our customers Our goal is to make our employees a family. to cherish it as such.
Suppliers, Passionate about our customers Ensuring reliability and high safety, ensuring soundness Social contribution through management and business activities We will continue to invest in and give back to our employees.


Drinking water production

Groundwater is pumped up from 150 meters underground, filtered through five filtration devices, passed through two water softeners, and finally a sterilizer to become "Nuchigusui"

Ice making

It is made by freezing the famous natural water "Nuchigusui" and tap water. Enjoy delicious drinks with clear ice that doesn't melt easily.

Alcoholic beverage sales

As for alcoholic beverages, we stock a wide variety of alcoholic beverages by brand, such as beer, Okinawa awamori, and liqueurs, in a spacious 660 square meter warehouse, allowing us to quickly respond to customer requests.

Product delivery

We eliminate stockouts through stable production and accurate inventory management, and all staff use handheld terminals to respond quickly and accurately.